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Tagging the group if anyone is interested in joining this.  Not sure if it'll happen this year or next still working out all the details but I'm giving you all dibs on this early.





Team GM Tags

Arizona Cardinals - @LuckyNumber11
Atlanta Falcons - @ovfd55
Baltimore Ravens - @Justone2
Buffalo Bills -
@downundermike & @Iggles25
Carolina Panthers - @MikeT14
Chicago Bears - @squire12
Cincinnati Bengals - @sparky151
Cleveland Browns - @cortes02
Dallas Cowboys - 
Denver Broncos - 
Detroit Lions - @winitall
Green Bay Packers - 
Houston Texans - @jch1911
Indianapolis Colts - @RTTRUTH
Jacksonville Jaguars - @Trojan
Kansas City Chiefs - @RedGold
Las Vegas Raiders - @NYRaider & @Humble_Beast
Los Angeles Chargers - @whodatOL
Los Angeles Rams - @Freebirdsrams
Miami Dolphins - @mountainpd
Minnesota Vikings - @KingOfNewYork
New England Patriots - 
New Orleans Saints - @whodatOL
New York Giants - @ny92mike
New York Jets - @bcb1213
Philadelphia Eagles - @EaglesPeteC
Pittsburgh Steelers - @Cbrunn
San Francisco 49ers - @Forge
Seattle Seahawks - @DTMW78
Tampa Bay Buccaneers - @BucsDraftGeek47
Tennessee Titans - @Daniel & @SerenityNow
Washington Commanders - @MKnight82

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Just now, MKnight82 said:

What are we supposed to discuss if we have no idea what this is? 

I think having an idea of how things would get started might be beneficial.  

  • start with a full NFL team
  • draft position groups from nfl teams
  • player by player draft/auction
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I've been wanting to do this for years now and the main thing holding me back was just not having the help to manage it.  Doing a mock draft each year is difficult enough but tracking and managing one that runs every year takes a team to manage it.  So it getting off the ground, really all depends on the amount of members willing to help me manage it.  If not then it's either one or the other.  No way I can do both.

@RTTRUTH @DTMW78 are the two that said they'd help out so far.  I'm hoping that both @NYRaider and @downundermike will get onboard with this project as well.

If anyone else is interested in helping manage this let me know but if I can get the four names above and myself I think we'd be solid, but the more the merrier.

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7 minutes ago, LuckyNumber11 said:

Was this the idea of simming the next season with our rosters then do a whole other mock off-season based on those results?  

Yes...It won't be based on the current mock taking place now but yes that's the general idea.

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Just now, MKnight82 said:

I'm a hard pass on any multi year sim thing.  Its hard enough to find 32 people to participate in the current setup.  Interest will dwindle in this quickly and there will be like 3 people still going in it within a year.  


These type of mocks are gaining in popularity, we've got the nacho sim, the BDL League already.  tcmd fills up pretty quick and we are getting new members every year.

If I can get the help to manage these then I see no reason why we couldn't open up another one.

Be positive...haha. 

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Just now, ny92mike said:


I never know what to call it really we've had so many different names for this in the past.  Continuous mock, keeper league, sim. 

I have been doing my solo expansion "keeper" team here for years (The Oakland Renegades thread) it's a lot of maintenance just for my one team. I think somewhere on the forum is a whole expansion league called BDL that I had an invite to one year, but I'm not positive where their threads live. I think the key to success for a TCMD keeper league is getting enough active members and making us individually submit and manage our rosters with inputting salaries and whatnot. It'd take more trust as someone might "cheat" their numbers or something, but if you were to govern the entire thing it'd be a nightmare amount of work.

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