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FF Big Brother X: HOH to be posted today

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A number of houseguests, but only 1 can win.
To join, post in thread and indicate that. Also, feel free to send a pm  You will keep that PM throughout the competition.


Once you sign up, you are considered in the game, and may start posting in thread and communicating with the other players.
Newbies are welcome. The game's easy to learn, and I will tag always folks when their moves are due.


Previous seasons:

Big Brother I: Winner: I_GET_SAX
Big Brother II: Winner: Adrenaline_Flux
Big Brother 3: Winner: JBURGE25
Big Brother 4: Winner: utley4568
Big Brother 5:  Winner: Dwight_Schrute
Big Brother VI: Winner: tk3

Big Brother 7:  Winner: Whicker

Big Brother 8: Winner: FinneasGage

Big Brother 9 winner: Swoosh


America favorite houseguest


Previous Winners of Americas Favorite Houesguest

BigBillsFan (Big Brother 2)
mission27 (Big Brother 3)
TLO (Big Brother 4)
Nazgul (Big Brother 5)

Outpost ( Big Brother 6)

Shady Slim (Big Brother 7)

ET80 (Big Brother 8

jasonwbantle (big brother 9)



2nd place club


bb 1 Stoop Trash

bb2 BigBillsFan13

bb3 zelbell

bb4 -  Nazgul

bb5 jfinley88

bb6 - Nazgul

bb7 Ragnarok

bb8 - Nazgul

bb9 - Outpost

The play-style will emulate the Big Brother (US) TV Show.

Game Mechanics:

1. HOH Competition: There will be a Head of Household competition. This will be a minigame in which all of the houseguests participate in. The winner of this competition becomes the Head of Household (HOH).

2. Nomination Ceremony: By the day after the HOH competition, the newly crowned HOH must nominate two (2) people for eviction. This is done by posting your 2 choices for eviction in the thread.

3. Veto Competition/Ceremony: There will be another competition involving the HOH, the 2 nominees, and 3 other random players. The winner of the Veto competition can take any nominee off the chopping block, or choose to keep the nominations the same. If a nominee has been removed from the chopping block, the HoH must nominate someone in their place. The HOH cannot nominate the Veto winner.

4. Live Vote: Everyone else in the game besides the HOH and the 2 people nominated for eviction must PM me the name of the person they want to evict. You may only vote for one of the nominees for eviction. In the event of a tie, the HOH will break the tie. You can send me your vote at anytime once the nominees are selected. You may change your vote at any time up until the deadline.

5. Eviction and new HOH:. The person with the most votes is evicted from the game. Immediately, there will be a new HOH competition, and a new HOH will be crowned, starting the process all over again. The outgoing HoH cannot participate because winning back-to-back HOHs is not allowed (exception: In the final HoH, when there are only 3 left, everyone can participate in the HoH)

The last 7 people eliminated will form a Jury.
This Jury will vote for the Big Brother winner when the final 2 remain.

Diary Room sessions:

Send me your Diary Room (DR) sessions periodically throughout the game.

DR sessions can include: Your current strategies, where you think you are in the game, general observations, or just plain trash talk.

I will collect all of the DR sessions and "replay" them after the game is over.  These are a fun way to look back in people's thoughts during the game, so please send them in!

Please send your DR conversations in the same PM thread to me. That way, they stay organized, and I can easily save them.


0. No sending other housemates any screenshots of conversations. Use your words!

1. No working together in ANY competition outside of the thread. This will be considered CHEATING and grounds for immediate eviction from the BB House.

2. You MAY communicate with houseguests using any medium that you want, even outside the thread. However, you can't work together on competitions (see rule one). Otherwise, feel free to create alliance(s).

3. If an HOH or veto comp carries a punishment for failure to complete the game, I will announce that when I announce the competition. If the competition is real-time, there will never be a punishment for failing to complete the challenge. I will always tag you if you have a move to make.

4. There may be elements of the game that you perceive as unfair. The host is not biased, and all twists have been set up ahead of time.

5. Send me all discords(etc) that you are part of. I want to hear the backroom dealings!

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Posted (edited)

Hoh 1 winner: MacReady

Noms: bcb and gopher

POV 1 winner: bcb

Pov ceremony: bcb saves himself

Gopher is punished

Eviction: mcready evicts gopher 1-0


HOH 2 winner: Nazgul

Noms: bcb and shady

Pov 2 winner: skywind

Veto ceremony: skywind doesnt use

Evicted: bcb 8-4


HoH 3 winner: JBURGE

Noms: finn and toucan

Veto 3 winner: ted

Veto ceremony: ted doesnt use

Evicted: finn 10-1


HOH 4 Winners:

49ers house: macready

Noms: touch and tlo

Veto 4 winner: touch

Veto ceremony: touch saves himself

Renom: toucan

Final noms: tlo and toucan

Eviction: tlo 3-0


Chiefs house: shady

Noms: Dwight and Scoundrel

Veto 4 winner: shady

Veto ceremony: shady vetoes dwight, nominates jburge

Final nominees: jburge and scoundrel

Eviction: jburge 3-2 (shady tiebreaker)


HOH 5 winner: Dwight

Noms: shady and ted

Veto 5 winner: Ted

Veto ceremony: ted saves himself

Renom: macready

Final noms: shady and macready

Evicted: macready 5-4 (dwight tiebreaker)


Eliminated for losing HOH 6: mission

HOH 6 winner: Nazgul

Noms: Ted and Shady

Veto winner: Whicker

Veto Ceremony: Whicker saves Ted

Renom: Scoundrel

Final noms: Shady and Scoundrel

Evicted: scoundrel 4-3


HOH 7 winner: Whicker

Noms: nazgul and daboyle

Veto winner: Whicker

Veto ceremony: keeps noms the same

Evicted: nazgul 4-2


HOH 8 Winner: Dwight

Noms: Whicker and Toucan

Pov winner: skywind

Veto ceremony: skywind saves toucan

Renom: ted

Final noms: whicker and ted

Evicted: Ted 4-0


Hoh 9 winner: daboyle

Noms: dwight and shady

Veto winner: daboyle

Veto ceremony: daboyle doesnt use veto

Evicted: dwight 4-0


Hoh 10 winner: skywind

Noms: toucan and daboyle

Veto winner: whicker

Veto ceremony: whicker doesnt use veto


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Posted (edited)

Hoh comp 1: emoji game pg 7



Veto 1 - platforms - pg 24



Hoh comp 2 - Majority Rules - pg 28



Veto Comp 2 - Movie Connections - pg 35



Hoh comp 3 - Battle Brats - pg 43



Veto 3 - target practice - pg 48 - https://forums.footballsfuture.com/topic/52220-ff-big-brother-x-finn-and-toucan-nommed-veto-tomorrow/page/48/#replyForm


Luxury comp: 49ers or chiefs - pg 53


Twist announcement - pg 57


Hoh 4 - superbowl prop bets



Veto 4 - Numbers game



Hoh 5 - tecmo tournament



Veto 5 - fastest finger



Hoh 6 - Briefcase madness



Veto 6 - Before and After



Hoh 7 - Caitlin Clarks BB challenge




Veto 7 - Monster Mayhem



Hoh: crazy 8 badger big brother bonanza



Veto 8: march madness



HOH 9: musical chairs



Veto 9 - 1-100 game



Hoh 10: food chain


Veto 10: players choice



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Posted (edited)

@FinneasGage @Tk3 @JBURGE @Dwight_Schrute @Nazgul @Daboyle @ET80 @Scoundrel @MWil23 @The Orca @Pickle Rick @Shady Slim @bcb1213 @Ragnarok @Whicker @TedLavie @MacReady @swoosh @mission27 @TLO @TOUCAN @gopherwrestler @MD4L @TheKillerNacho @pwny @Glen @Adrenaline_Flux @SwAg @Tugboat @skywindO2 @AkronsWitness @Dome @Forge 



If i missed you, my bad. But sign up anyway.




Case 4

10,000 and 3 trivia questions

Easy - 2000

Medium - 4000

Hard - 6000




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1 minute ago, skywindO2 said:

How does this work compared to mafia? 

Actually, just put me in coach and I’ll figure it out as the goes along 

You ever see the show Big Brother?

Pretty much like that.

One winner as opposed to teams.

Play comps, build alliances, etc

See OP for detailed info.


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