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Simply Mafia - Civs Win!!!


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Angel - You choose one player each night. They are protected from being hit.



Investigator - You choose one player each night. You will receive their exact role.



Reviver - You choose and bring back one dead Civ at any time. They will be powerless.



Detective - You take over for the Investigator if he dies. 



Townie - You have no special abilities other than your intuition and vote.





Chatzy - You have a chatzy hit each night; on odd nights it's unblockable.



Hitman - You have a hit every even night.



Hooker - You choose one player each night and roleblock them THAT NIGHT. You CAN choose the same player on consecutive nights.



Replacer - You take over for the Hitman if he dies. Until then, you are powerless.





Serial Killer/Bulletproof - You survive the first attempt made on your life, excluding the lynch. You have a hit every odd night. You win only if you and your Secret Admirer have a 1:1 ratio.



Secret Admirer/Copycat Killer - You know who the Serial Killer is, but cannot communicate with him. He does not know who you are. If he dies, you take over as the Serial Killer. If investigated, you will appear as a Civ while a Secret Admirer and an Other if you take over as Serial Killer.



Order of Night Moves

  1. Lynch
  2. Roleblock
  3. Other's Move
  4. Civ Specials' Move(s)
  5. Mafias' Move(s)
  6. Chatzy Move
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  1. I will not be in chatzy. All moves are to be PMd to me by the player responsible for the move. I will NOT accept moves any other way.
  2. Stay active. Failure to vote for two consecutive days will result in your death.
  3. No talking during night time. I will allow a small grace period in case you are typing something out, but don't risk it.
  4. Upon your death, you are allowed one post. You may NOT post anything game-related. Failure to comply will result in someone on your team randomly being roleblocked that night.
  5. Don't edit or delete posts. Failure to comply will result in death.
  6. Players cannot communicate with one another through any other medium other than this thread unless they are specifically allowed to do so.
  7. In the event of a tie, there will be a 10 minute overtime among the top vote-getters. If there's still a tie after OT, I'll flip a coin to determine the lynch.
  8. I will NOT accept any votes that aren't bold. Quoting someone else's vote will NOT count.
  9. Once the voting cutoff time comes, all votes are frozen. No other votes after this time will be counted. If the cutoff time is :00, votes at :00 will NOT be counted.
  10. Don't post PMs. No exceptions. Think of it as plagiarism. Even if you slightly alter my words, it's still against the rules. If you aren't sure, PM me. Failure to comply will result in your death.
  11. I reserve the right to add/change rules as I see fit. You will be notified if this occurs.
  12. If you believe I have made a mistake or have been unfair, PM me.
  13. This is a game. Don't turn to personal insults or belittlement. Forum rules still apply. Have some fun.
  14. bucsfan333 ≥ you.
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@11sanchez11 @biggio7 @bucsfan333 @CWood21 @Danger @devils1854 @EliteTexan80 @flyers0909@fretgod99 @Gmen4ev @Heimdallr @HighHopes @Hockey5djh @HorizontoZenith @husker_vikes3 @iPwn @james.mcmurry13 @JammerHammer21 @jfinley88 @JMG @jrry32 @khodder @MightyMouse07 @mission27 @NewAge @Pats#1 @Phire @RandyMossIsBoss @ravens_rool28 @Rearviewmirror @stallyns @texans_uk @The LBC @thelawoffices @theuntouchable @Tyty @UofMfan909 @zelbell



  1. Gmen4ev -> MookieMonster: Hit N4 - Angel
  2. EliteTexan80
  3. 11sanchez11: Hit N2 - Townie
  4. CWood21
  5. HighHopes -> theuntouchable: Hit N4 - Reviver
  6. RandyMossIsBoss
  7. iPwn: Hit N3 - Investigator
  8. zelbell -> Hockey5djh
  9. mission27: Hit N1 - Townie
  10. domepatrol91: Hit N3 - Townie
  11. fretgod99
  12. jfinley88: Lynched N1 - Townie
  13. Danger: Died D3 - Townie
  14. husker_vikes3: Lynched N4 - Townie
  15. LuckyNumber11: Died N3 - Hooker
  16. thelawoffices: Lynched N3 - Townie
  17. james.mcmurry13
  18. biggio7: Died N3 - Replacer
  19. MightyMouse07: Lynched N2 - Townie -- Revived D3
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Ratio 14:3:2


Start of Day One

Vote Count

jfinley88 - iPwn, biggio7, fretgod99, 11sanchez11

thelawoffices - mission27, LuckyNumber11

LuckyNumber11 - thelawoffices

fretgod99 - james.mcmurry13

iPwn - CWood21

1 mission27 - Danger

1 Danger - husker_vikes3

1 EliteTexan80 - HighHopes

1 Gmen4ev - RandyMossIsBoss

1 RandyMossIsBoss - jfinley88

1 CWood21 - domepatrol91

1 husker_vikes3 - MightyMouse07

1 RandyMossIsBoss - EliteTexan80

No Vote

  • Gmen4ev
  • zelbell


@jfinley88 was lynched. He was a Townie.

@mission27 was hit. He was a Townie.

The ratio is 12:3:2.



Start of Day Two

Vote Count

6 MightyMouse07 - 11sanchez11, EliteTexan80, husker_vikes3, MightyMouse07, theuntouchable, domepatrol91

1 EliteTexan80 - james.mcmurry13

1 thelawoffices - iPwn

1 biggio7 - MookieMonster

1 fretgod99 - Danger

1 CWood21 - RandyMossIsBoss

1 Hockey5djh - fretgod99

No Vote

  • CWood21
  • Hockey5djh
  • LuckyNumber11
  • thelawoffices
  • biggio7


MightyMouse07 was lynched. He was a Townie.

11sanchez11 was hit. He was a Townie.

The ratio is 10:3:2


Danger has, indeed, died. He was a Civ.

The ratio is 9:3:2.


@MightyMouse07 has been revived.

The ratio is 10:3:2.



Start of Day Three

Vote Count

thelawoffices - iPwn, EliteTexan80, CWood21, james.mcmurry13, MookieMonster, MightyMouse07, husker_vikes3

CWood21 - Hockey5djh, domepatrol91

2 domepatrol91 - theuntouchable, fretgod99

MookieMonster - thelawoffices

1 james.mcmurry13 - RandyMossIsBoss


Inactive Watch




thelawoffices was lynched. He was a Townie.

iPwn was hit. He was the Investigator.

domepatrol91 was hit. He was a Townie.

biggio7 has died due to inactivity. He was the Replacer.

LuckyNumber11 has died due to inactivity. He was the Hooker.


The ratio is 7:1:2


Start of Day Four

Vote Count

4 husker_vikes3 - EliteTexan80, MookieMonster, fretgod99, CWood21

3 CWood21 - RandyMossIsBoss, Hockey5djh, james.mcmurry13

3 fretgod99 - husker_vikes3, theuntouchable, MightyMouse07


husker_vikes3 was lynched. He was a Townie.

MookieMonster was hit. He was the Angel.

theuntouchable was hit. He was the Reviver.


The ratio is 4:1:2.



Start of Day Five

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