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Official FF Entertainies - Best Competition Program of 2020


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To be eligible the program must have aired at least 5 episodes within 2020. Nomination will be the same as for the Official FF BSET. Posters will be able to create a list of favorite to least favorite for each category listed above. Nominations max at 30 and the #1 nom on each posters list garners 30 points, #2 gets 29, etc etc.


Nominations will close on Monday, March 22th at 4:00pm!

@Calvert28 @THE DUKE   @Dome @The Orca @August4th @thrILL! @Malfatron @Elky  @rackcs @MikeT14 @Daniel  @seminoles1 @scar988 @JoshstraDaymus @JonStark @animaltested  @Bullet Club @AlexGreen#20 @Fresh Prince @KManX89 @TENINCH @SlevinKelevra @bucsfan333 @Ray Reed @Bucketheadsdad @kingseanjohn@Pickle Rick @THE DUKE @INbengalfan @biggio7 @RandyMossIsBoss @Shockwave @Tk3 @James @JBURGE @TheKillerNacho @ET80 @Beavis

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23 hours ago, Malfatron said:

glad to see another Forged in Fire fan.

Also, i agree. no singing or dancing shows

If you give me a competition show where they don’t script in a “villain” and a bunch of drama, and random nonsense, I will probably like it.

GBBS and FIF are straight up competition shows where competitors are way more likely to help each other out than get in each other’s ways, and I like that.

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