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      The war against Galeem is finally over.

After overcoming the World of Light, our cast of rag tag Nintendo characters are ready to move on. Living out their days of racing go karts, playing soccer, golf, and tennis. Eager to move forward our heroes let out a sigh of relief.

A cackle is heard from the distance. Lightning cracks throughout the world and the sky blackens. A rift has opened up revealing Master and Crazy Hand once again. As our warriors prepare once more for battle, the hands clasp and open up a black hole, sucking in the entire landscape.

The resistance stands firm, levying several attacks against them until a massive lightning storm opens up again striking each of our heroes individually. A large bolt strikes quite a few, and launches several of our favorites into the stratosphere. 

As the light returns, the crew is beside themselves. They were certain that the hands were vanquished alongside Galeem. There was clear infiltration within their ranks. When light returns the cast looks amongst themselves noticing now they aren't all together.

Donkey Kong, Ryu, Mega Man, Pichu, Pokemon Trainer, Pit, Palutena, are all dead. They were Nintendo Heroes.



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1.) Be cool, be chill, and be nice to me. This is my first game, I don't think its going to go well but it's a learning experience. One side may be overpowered, one side may be underpowered, and we are due in for some chaos.

2.) No editing of posts that contained votes.

3.) Voting will end at the time set each day whether the host declares it or not. If I say the day ends at 9 PM EST, the day ends at 9 PM EST and I will try to be prompt.

4.) 2 consecutive days of no votes gets a modkill.

5.) Just don't be stupid. I will answer any and all questions I can but you're grown ups, you know what you're doing.

6.) Whatever general rules usually apply do apply here.

7.) I don't care if you talk during night. It gives me something to read in the mornings.

8.) I love you.

9.) In the event of a tie, the host will extend to an overtime period of 15 minutes of the two tied players. If there is no majority vote at the end of that period, both players will be killed.

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On 3/29/2020 at 4:03 PM, bucsfan333 said:


Signed up players:

1. Dome KOd Night 2 Kirby Hero Aligned Backup Commuter
2. Matts KOd Night 2 Mario Hero Aligned Bus Driver
3. Pickle Rick
4. The Orca KOd Night 4 Samus Hero Aligned Paranoid Gun Owner
5. Daniel KOd Night 3 Link Hero Aligned Jailkeeper
6. Squire KOd Night 4 Bowser/Giga Bowser Villain Aligned Deathproof Strongman Killer
7. Swoosh
8. Malfatron KOd Night 3 Fox Hero Aligned Tracker
9. Daboyle KOd Day 4 via vote Meta Knight Hero Aligned Checker
10. Nazgul KOd Day 1 via vote. Luigi Hero Aligned Commuter
11. Hockey KOd Day 5 via vote Cloud Hero Aligned Vigilante
12. bigbadbuff KOd Day 2 via modkill. Mr. Game & Watch Hero Aligned Census Taker
13. Scoundrel
14. TK3 KOd Night 3 Captain Falcon Hero Aligned Role Cop
15. TheKillerNacho
16. bcb KOd Day 2 via vote. Mewtwo Villain Aligned Redirect
17. MWil KOd Day 3. Falco Hero Aligned Watacher

(Number of participants is not set in stone)

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