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Houston Texans Coronavirus Mafia (Mafia Wins!)

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Hello everyone.

For those who do not know, I am mission27 and along with @TLO we are the MoL, "arguably" the most successful and popular posters on FF.  So tbh I'm not sure why you haven't heard of us if you haven't and I'll leave it at that. The MoL is currently best known for our MoL scores of the coronavirus (see link in my sig) and for mission's role as host of the FF interview show in TAST.  TLO is primarily known for his lack of body hair and smug demeanor. 

Today we are bringing a special treat to the people of the Texans forum. Due to our tireless work as well as minor contributions from @pwny, my fellow Bucs fan @bucsfan333, and your very own @ET80, the very popular game of Mafia from TAST will be going on the road to various team forums, and for god knows what reason we have chosen the Texans forum to go first.

Here is a quick intro for those who are not familiar with the game:


Quick description is everyone will be assigned a role either mafia or civilian.  The mafia are the bad guys.  They know who each other are and may communicate with each other outside of the thread but the civs do not know who they are and cannot communicate outside the thread.  Every day the town, which consists of mafia and civs, holds a public debate and votes on one member of the town to lynch or remove from the game, whereupon it is revealed whether they are civ or mafia and they are banished.  Mafia will usually have the power to 'hit' one player per night, or more.  If the civs lynch all the mafia they win.  If mafia gets the ratio down to a level where they control the lynch (e.g. if there are 4 civs and 4 mafia left) then mafia wins. 

This game will be a little different from some mafia but its not too hard and everyone is encouraged to play, if they have the requisite smugness.

We will be posting a summary of the roles later today and someone who is less important than me will tag everyone so they know to sign up.

Thank you very much and we look forward to you getting to know the MoL.

Rules (stolen from someone else with some edits):

0. The MoL's power in this situation is absolute and unlimited although we will likely not choose to exercise this power often because we have better things to do.  However, everything we say goes, and there is no higher authority on earth or otherwise to appeal to if you disagree with our decisions.  You are solely at the mercy of the MoL and our smugness. 

1.  Each Day Phase will have a deadline posted at the onset of the phase.  It will be within 24-36 hours from the previous phase shift.

2.  Each Night Phase will have a thirty-minute (30) duration, starting at time the Day Write-Up is posted.  You may submit night moves within this timeframe or earlier.

3.  You must submit your actions clearly.  If the submission is unclear, it will not be counted.  The MoL will make some effort to decipher your intent, but are not going to commit time to deciphering ambiguous submissions.  If you wish to avoid an issue, submit your night-action or target on a separate line of the PM, or in a separate PM altogether.

4.  There is no talking during the Night Phase.

5.  If the deadline is reached with a tie, there will be a thirty-minute (30) overtime period.  If there is no decision by the end of that 30-minute period, then the MoL will randomize who dies.

6.  Role-claiming and character-claiming are permitted at any time.

7.  Posting Role PMs is forbidden.  Posting game-related screenshots is forbidden.  Anything that a reasonable person would consider substantially similar to the previous two acts is also forbidden.  The MoL considers playing "PM Games" substantially similar.

8.  You may not delete posts.  You may not edit posts at any time after 20 minutes after you make the post and those edits are only permitted to fix typos etc.  You may not edit votes or posts including votes.  There will be common sense exceptions to the general rule at the MoL's discretion but TLO is much less lenient than I.

9.  You may only communicate with other participants through this Game Thread unless otherwise informed by the MoL.

10.  Your Role PMs are crafted deliberately.  The MoL are unlikely to answer hypotheticals or anything game-related that extends beyond the four corners of a Night Action PM or Role PM, unless we believe we were unclear or committed an error, which is extremely unlikely. 

11.  In the extremely unlikely event the MoL commit an error, we will likely deny it, although if you ask very nicely over PM we may make some attempt to provide an equitable remedy (no guarantees). 

12.  Everyone is expected to be polite and follow all rules including the new MoL Guidelines for Mafia as outlined by @bucsfan333.  Anyone found to be in violation of the new MoL guidelines faces strict punishments up to and including permanent bans from FF or worse being removed from the game.

13.  Significant inactivity will result in replacement or modkill at the MoL's sole discretion.  You must vote and post if you want to avoid being placed on a probation status, where you are in danger of replacement or modkill.

14.  Rule violations that the MoL deem to be flagrant, designed to harm the integrity of the game, or harm the integrity of the game (even without intent) carry draconian consequences up to and including permanent bans from FF.

15.  You cannot post anything game-related upon your death.  Nor, can you make statements that may influence the ongoing game following your death.  See Rule 14.  You may make a post following your death to bid farewell from the heavens above but any rule violations will be strictly dealt with by @TLO.

16.  The MoL reserve the right to do anything we want at any time, including things which may be deemed by the vast majority to be blatantly unfair or purely motivated by self aggrandizement and smugness.  In fact you should expect it is very likely we will behave in this manner as is our usual MO.

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Once upon a time in Texas...


It is January 1st 2021.  While most of the world has recovered from the 2020 Novel Coronavirus Pandemic, the city of Houston is the world's last remaining hot spot.  As a vaccine has not yet been developed and therapeutic progress has stalled, Houston is under a strict quarantine order and nobody allowed in or out.

The Coronavirus has infected a large portion of the city's population and ravages the city of Houston.  A team of world leaders has parachuted in to Houston to solve the crisis while more sinister forces are also at work in the city, working to perpetuate the virus and set off a new global outbreak of this horrible disease. 


The town of Houston includes both those who are infected and those who are not, including those who have recovered.  The civs are lead by The Houston Task Force and the virus is led by The Virus.  Each night, the town may choose one player they believe is actively infected to remove from the town. This player will be lynched. 

Every player in town has a Houston Texans role / cover role, including JJ Watt.

The Houston Task Force

The Houston Task Force are Special Civs of this game.  Their goal is to eliminate the virus before the virus wins.  Civs win if everyone who has been infected by the virus has died from the virus or been lynched and there is still at least one civilian who is not currently infected and is alive.  NOTE even if no original mafia remain in the game, if anyone remains infected the game is not over until those players die, recover or are lynched. 

Win condition: Everyone left in the game is not infected and the virus is eradicated. 


President Xi Ever odd night, President Xi can choose to quarantine a player for the night.  That player will be immune to being infected and cannot pass on their infection to anyone else (for example, if that person was infected and recovers, they will not pass on the infection).  President Xi cannot quarantine the same player twice.  President Xi will not become infected by using their role.

President Trump On even nights he can choose to treat any player in the game with Hydrochloroquine with Azythromicin.  If they are part of the core 5 mafia (i.e. not just mafia aligned) there is a 50% chance they will die.  If they are are a civ, mafia aligned, or other there is a 50% chance they will die and a 50% chance they will recover (or be unaffected if they were not infected).  Players who recover using H with A are also immune that night and the following night from reinfection.  Trump wears protective gear and will not pass on the virus or catch the virus by treating. 

Dr. Fauci  Can test a player for Coronavirus antibodies every night, which will show if the player has or is currently immune from the Coronavirus (may have been cured that night or the previous night).  Dr Fauci can choose to pass the information to Trump by PMing the hosts, but there is a 50% chance Trump wont hear him.  Dr. Fauci wears protective gear and will not pass on the virus or catch the virus by testing. 

Dr. Birx If Fauci is incapacitated, Birx takes on his responsibilities.  Dr. Birx can also conduct 3 serology tests at any point during the game which will return how many players have been infected, but will not say whether they are infected still or who they are.

Boris Johnson - Every day, Boris can choose to issue a Coronavirus guideline through the hosts which will be broadcast in the thread.  That message cannot be deemed by the hosts to include any explicitly or implicitly identifying information about who Boris is.  If Boris claims his role he loses this power.  If President Trump is incapacitated, Boris will take his role and retain the ability to issue guidelines (unless he claims his role or otherwise abuses his power).

JJ Watt - Can choose to hold a fundraiser with a player once per night.  That player (not JJ) will receive one minor one time power.  Use of the special power by an infected player, whether civ or mafia aligned, may risk passing on the virus and this may or may not be specified when the player is given their one time power.

The Virus

Goal is to spread the virus until everyone in the game is either actively infected with the virus or dead.

Win condition: EITHER 1) everyone left in the game is actively infected OR 2) the ratio of remaining original mafia to all other players is greater than 1:1 AND both both President Trump and Boris Johnson are incapacitated, meaning mafia controls the lynch and can win without infecting anyone else successfully

[spam] power: Each night, mafia can choose 1 player to infect.  There is a one day incubation period before symptoms develop and the player will only be informed if they die or become a carrier after that 1 day.  The following night, there is a:

33% chance they die and are removed from the game

33% chance they pass the virus to another player, but recover (they have antibodies that will protect them from being reinfected on that night, or the next)

33% chance they become a carrier of the virus (mafia aligned) 

If mafia attempts to infect a player who is already infected, nothing happens.  If mafia attempts to infect a player who currently has antibodies, nothing happens. A player is contagious with coronavirus as soon as they are initially infected even during the incubation period. 


The Wuhan Bat -  On night 1 he can infect a second player; this player will IMMEDIATELY either die, become a carrier, or recover and pass on the illness (i.e. one new person will be infected after night 1 no matter what)

Patient Zero - Has a chance to infiltrate the hospital on nights 1 and 3 and investigate any player; results of investigation will come back after nights 2 and 4 if Patient Zero remains in Houston

Rudy Gobert - If Rudy is lynched he will automatically pass the virus to one uninfected player by touching all of the microphones at the press beefing 

OJ Simpson - Every night can protect one of the three other Team Virus from getting treated by Trump; if Fauci tests him he will come back 'never infected'; he will survive a first lynch attempt

Jose Altuve - Can bang on a trash can once per night, which does absolutely nothing.


Bill O'Brien - Goal is to survive the game. First two times he gets coronavirus he will recover and immediately pass it to a random player (if the player is already infected, there is no impact). He has no other powers. If he is lynched, JJ Watt gets a special power. He counts as civ in the ratio.


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4. @Matts4313

9. @Mega Ron

22. @Shady Slim

23.  @bcb1213

@bcb1213 replaced @TedLavie


10. Original @bcb1213 - Lynched N1, David Johnson (normie)

6. @Counselor - Died of coronavirus N2, Dr Birx

17. @FinneasGage - lynched N2, Jose Altuve

11. @daboyle250 - lynched N3, Patient Zero

14. @Pickle Rick - lynched N4, Rudy Gobert

24. @SwAg - Died of coronavirus N4, Matt Schaub

2. @MWil23- Died of chloroquine poisoning D5, Timmy Jernigen

16. @ET80 - Died of chloroquine poisoning D5, President Trump

18. @MD4L - Lynched N5, Will Fuller

7. @MookieMonstah - Modkilled D6, Leremy Tunsil

3. @N4L - Lynched N6, Brandin Cooks 

20. @Lefty - dead of COVID N7, Eric Murray

21. @mse326 - Lynched N7, Deandre Carter

12. @biggio7 - Lynched N8, Tytus Howard

15. @Dome - Lynched N9, The Wuhan Bat

13. @The Orca - Died of Coronavirus N9, Jaylen Watkins

8. @JoshstraDaymus - Died of chloroquine D10, some normie I forget who

1. @swoosh - Died of chloroquine D10, Anthony Fauci

5. @Forge- Died of chloroquine D11, Vernon Hargraves

19. @HoboRocket - Died of Coronavirus N11, JJ Watt

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