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You Have 24 Hours (Final Challenge on 250).


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You are about to receive an invitation to the most extreme game show ever aired on television.  The recent Right to Voluntary Human Destruction bill that just became law has done wonders for purging the population as the Georgia Guidestones see fit. 

Some of you are here because of your interest in online Mafia games, others are here because of your interest in slower-paced game shows like Big Brother or Survivor.  Make no mistake, this game is not like those games.  It is fast, it is brutal, and unlike the others...

You Have 24 Hours has no rules, only consequences. 

I will be your host.  I am unforgiving, and can hardly be bothered with your questions.  You will have instructions every 24 hours.  You will have 24 hours to act based on those instructions.  Some instructions will be tests of will, some tests of mental prowess, some tests on cunning, some on puzzles and others on how well you've been able to gather assets and allies. 

Although there are no rules, you would be wise to heed the following words of advice.  Take note: advice on this page can and will change. 

1. There are cameras watching everything that you do.  If you take an action that is visible to the cameras, that action could well have severe consequences.  You may be able to dispatch of a competitor, but the cameras see all, and beneath each camera is a turret that can act more quickly than you can, and it may well kill you before you can kill someone else.  Heed each set of instructions. 
2. It would be wise to make allies.  A lot of them. 
3. Every 24 hours, one of you (or more) will die. 
4. Deadlines are absolute.  If you miss a deadline, you might die. 
5. Each set of instructions will be simple.  They will not be complex.  Especially early on. 
6. If you want to play, all you have to do is show up in the first room (post in thread). 
7. This thread is always the current room. 
8. It's a good idea to move onto the next room as soon as you can. 
9. Time gets confusing in the room.  There are no windows.  Just try to remember who said what in the room first.
10. Normal laws of physics still apply in the room.  You are not in space, this is not another dimension, it's just a few decades into the future. 
11. Any physical act against another player must abide by the laws of physics; otherwise, you will just look silly in the attempt.  Everybody is tense and nervous and paranoid.  They don't want to die.  Acts such as trying to steal something from somebody likely will not work.  Quick actions can be successful, but remember... There are always 24 hours for retaliation and consequences.  If you try killing somebody against the plans of this game show, you might succeed.  You might also die as a result.  Pay close attention to each set of instructions.  Also, any physical act against another player... They feel it, and thus they are aware it happened (translation: you gotta tag them). 

If you want something fast-paced, unforgiving and that is more about your ability to not take last place, this is the game for you.  This game show is all about not being worst in each set of instructions.  If you're the worst, you will probably die.  At the end, when only two remain, there will be a final set of instructions.  Whoever does best wins 10 million dollars (packed inside 10 footballs).  Second place just dies. 

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1. @theuntouchable
2. @rackcs
3. @SwAg
4. @Pickle Rick
5. @bcb1213
6. @Malfatron
7. @N4L


1. Mission
2. Ramssuperbowl99
3. Woz
4. Nazgul
5. GSUEagles
6. Dwight
7. Daboyle
8. Ragnarok
9. Gopher
10. Finn
11. ET
12. Matts
13. Orca
14. Adrenaline
15. Llama
16. Whicker
17. TK3
18. N4L
19. Nacho
20. MWil

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@11sanchez11, @49ers4life52, @AFlaccoSeagulls, @11sanchez11@49ers4life52, @AFlaccoSeagulls@amac@bcb1213, @bigbadbuff23835@biggio7, @Blahstoise, @BleedTheClock@BrettFavre004, @BringinDaPain,@BrotherlyLove@bucsfan333, @buddy_z34, @buno67, @carl_sjunior@CAS22@coltsmanic808, @Counselor@daboyle250, @DawgX@devils1854, @DingoLadd@Dome@FinneasGage@flyers0909@FourThreeMafia@fretgod99@FriendlyEnemy@Gambit Jango, @Glen@gopherwrestler, @HashtagFTW@Heimdallr@Hockey5djh,@iknowcool, @incognito_man@Its A Sabotage, @James@JammerHammer21@Jlash@JMG@jrry32@Karmaloop, @Ketchup@khodder@kingseanjohn, @KManX89, @KOTN-93, @Llamalover, @Livewire@LuckyNumber11,@Malfatron@Matts4313@MD4L, @Mega Ron@Mich_fan20, @mission27, @MookieMonstah, @MWil23@Nazgul, @Officer Ricky, @OH-snelld4GB-IO, @PARROTHEAD @Pastor Dillon@Pats#1@PatriotsWin!@perikirest, @pheltzbahr @Phire, @Pickle Rick@pollino14@PR@PuntMyLumps@rabbisson, @rackcs@Ragnarok@RandyMossIsBoss@ravens_rool28@ravishingone@Rearviewmirror@RuskieTitan@S-jax39@samgurl775@Shady Slim@sjfja_fkdldjs@skatebeanz@skrILL, @SkunkApes, @Slappy Mc@SoS, @squire12, @sunnygsm,@SwAg, @SwoleXmad@swoosh, @teude@texans_uk, @Texansfan713@Texas_OutLaw7@TedLavie, @The Gnat, @TheKillerNacho@The LBC@The Orca,@theuntouchable, @TLO@titans0021@Tk3, @Troy Brown@Tugboat, @UofMfan909@Utley@Victor Cruz Pun, @VikeManDan, @Vindicatedxx@Whicker, @Wyld Stallyns

You Have 24 Hours

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@ anybody wary of getting into another long and stressful game, this game is meant to be light and fun.  I would not host this game if there was much to it.  This is basically my apology tour for taking BB8 too seriously.  I still do have that patience problem, but that will NOT rear its ugly head in this game.  24 hours will start around 8-10 AM each day and the results will play out at around 8-10 each day.  I don't have time to do this at any other points, so I will NOT be pressuring people to get their moves in ahead of that time.  A lot of the challenges will be simple decisions.  There will still be some games and such, but this is primarily an RPG of sorts. 

@Dwight_Schrute, @mission27, @TLO,

@Nazgul, you really are signed up since you stepped into the room.  If you really don't want to play, you'll just die. 

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