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Storm Area 51 Mini-Mafia - SCUM WINS!


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Game will last no longer than Wednesday. 


Creator Matty Roberts => Not Convertible, can move lynch to the #2 vote getter 1 time.

Body Guard => 2x Protect anyone

Cop =>  1 Investigate, 1 regular shot - night

Back up => Replace first civ special to die

Vanilla town => You are storming area 51

5* General => Avoids first hit/lynch attempt, odd night regular kills

Sniper => Even night unblockable kills

Alien => One town conversion, one anal probing (kill)


Town Objective: You are storming area 51, you win by defeating the military. 

Mafia Objective: You win by having a member of the military alive after night on Wednesday.

Alien Objective: You can win with either the town or military provided you live through Wednesday night. If you are found (*either by investigation or claiming*) you will flee our world (die).

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Rules for this game. 

0. Read all the rules. 

1. Stay active. Failure to vote for two consecutive days will result in death. Plain and simple. <== Failure to post within 24 hours will also be considered a death penalty. So if you don't post or vote, you will potentially be replaced or killed. I also reserve the right to replace anyone whom I deem inactive; such as a special missing their moves. They will be warned. 

2. No talking during Nighttime. I will give a small grace period in case you are typing something out, but just don't risk it. Anything I deem to be posted after a reasonable time will be punished as I see fit. 

3. Once you die, you are allowed to have one post. Don't post ANYTHING to do with gameplay. Bad things will happen to your team if you try to pull any shenanigans. That includes, but is not limited to dropping hints in other thread, sending PMs to other teammates, and chatzies. 

4. Don't edit or delete posts. Insta-death and your team will suffer. <== Scratch that, You can edit or delete, but be forewarned that if it messes with the VC, I will likely punish people. Dont change your vote through an edit.

5. Players cannot have game related communication with others through any medium other than this thread unless you are specifically allowed to. This includes, but is not limited to other thread, PMs or other [spam]s. 

6. In case of a tie there will be a 15 minute OT period. If it is still a tie, Governor will choose who he wants to be lynched. There can be a double lynch. Governer must be around to use the double lynch, otherwise a [spam] coin flip will decide who dies. 

7. I will not accept any votes if they aren't bolded. No exceptions. 

8. Once the voting cutoff time comes, all votes are frozen. No other votes will be counted after this time. If the cutoff time ends at :00, voted marked :00 will be counted, votes marked :01 will not be counted. 

9. If you believe I have made a mistake, or have been unfair, you're wrong. 

10. Don't post PMs. No exceptions. Think of it as plagiarism, even if you slightly alter my words, it's still against the rules. If you aren't sure, PM me. 

11. The host will always make a mistake, if you see one, please revert to rule #9 and after that PM me. 

12. Keeping an updated vote count will make me happy. 

13. Zombie post are allowed but only one post a night if you died and want to come back a zombie. Please and thank you. 

14. Have fun, this is a game. 

Beginners Link to Mafia: http://wiki.mafiascum.net/index.php?title=Newbie_Guide

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@11sanchez11@49ers4life52, @AFlaccoSeagulls@amac@bcb1213, @bigbadbuff23835@biggio7, @Blahstoise, @BleedTheClock@BrettFavre004, @BringinDaPain,@BrotherlyLove@bucsfan333, @buddy_z34, @buno67@CAS22@coltsmanic808, @Counselor@CWood21@daboyle250, @DawgX@devils1854, @DingoLadd@Dome, @ET80, @FinneasGage@flyers0909, @Forge, @FourThreeMafia@fretgod99@FriendlyEnemy@Gambit Jango, @Glen@gopherwrestler, @HashtagFTW@Heimdallr@Hockey5djh,@iknowcool, @incognito_man@Its A Sabotage, @James@JammerHammer21@Jlash@JMG@jrry32@Karmaloop, @Ketchup@khodder@kingseanjohn, @KManX89, @KOTN-93, @Livewire@LuckyNumber11, @Malfatron@Matts4313@MD4L, @Mega Ron, @mission27, @MookieMonstah, @MWil23@Nazgul, @Officer Ricky, @OH-snelld4GB-IO, @PARROTHEAD @Pastor Dillon@Pats#1@PatriotsWin!@perikirest, @pheltzbahr @Phire, @Pickle Rick@pollino14@PR@PuntMyLumps, @pwny@rabbisson, @rackcs@Ragnarok@RandyMossIsBoss@ravens_rool28@Raves@ravishingone@Rearviewmirror@RuskieTitan@S-jax39@samgurl775, @sjfja_fkdldjs@skatebeanz@skrILL, @SkunkApes, @Slappy Mc@SoS, @squire12, @sunnygsm, @SwAg, @SwoleXmad@swoosh, @teude@texans_uk, @Texansfan713@Texas_OutLaw7@TedLavie, @The Gnat, @TheKillerNacho@The LBC@The Orca@theuntouchable, @TLO@titans0021@Tk3, @Troy Brown, @UofMfan909@Utley@Victor Cruz Pun, @VikeManDan, @Vindicatedxx@Whicker@Woz, @Wyld Stallyns

Sign ups:

1. TK3

2. Squire

3. TKN - Vanilla

4. BCB

5. Pickle - Bodyguard 

6. Orca

7. ET80

8. Dome - Vanilla

9. Dingo - Alien

10. Hockey


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