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Mafia Registration and General Discussion Thread


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This list is in no way binding and I have no power to enforce anything. This is just a rough guideline of when people want to run their games/a place for people to call dibs on themes.

All Star Mafia Role Nomination Form - Nominate your favorite roles from past mafia games to potentially be used in an All-Star Mafia game

Upcoming Games
1. Rack and Swag's NFL Mafia
2. Dome's Jousting Mafia
3. Pickle Rick's Warcraft Mafia
4. Bcb's Wrasslemafia 2
5. Nacho's All-Star Mafia
6. Malf's undetermined mafia game
7. Slappy's undetermined mafia game
8. Nacho's undetermined mafia game
9. Touch and Whicker's super secret awesome sounding mafia-ish game
10. Rack's Gilded Age Mafia 
11. Pickle Rick's Ready Player One Mafia

Tag List:

@11sanchez11@49ers4life52, @AFlaccoSeagulls@amac@bcb1213, @Beavis, @bigbadbuff23835@biggio7, @Blahstoise, @BleedTheClock@BrettFavre004, @BringinDaPain,@BrotherlyLove@bucsfan333, @buddy_z34, @buno67, @carl_sjunior@CAS22@coltsmanic808, @Counselor@daboyle250, @DawgX@devils1854, @DingoLadd@Dome@FinneasGage@flyers0909@FourThreeMafia@fretgod99@FriendlyEnemy@Gambit Jango, @Glen@gopherwrestler, @HashtagFTW@Heimdallr@Hockey5djh,@iknowcool, @incognito_man@Its A Sabotage, @James@JammerHammer21@Jlash@JMG, @JoshstraDaymus@jrry32@Karmaloop, @Ketchup@khodder@kingseanjohn, @KManX89, @KOTN-93, @Llamalover, @Livewire@LuckyNumber11,@Malfatron@Matts4313@MD4L, @Mega Ron@Mich_fan20, @mission27, @MookieMonstah, @MWil23, @N4L@Nazgul, @Officer Ricky, @OH-snelld4GB-IO, @PARROTHEAD @Pastor Dillon@Pats#1@PatriotsWin!@perikirest, @pheltzbahr @Phire, @Pickle Rick@pollino14@PR@PuntMyLumps@rabbisson, @rackcs@Ragnarok@RandyMossIsBoss@ravens_rool28@ravishingone@Rearviewmirror@RuskieTitan@S-jax39@samgurl775@Shady Slim@sjfja_fkdldjs@skatebeanz@skrILL, @SkunkApes, @Slappy Mc@SoS, @squire12, @sunnygsm,@SwAg, @SwoleXmad@swoosh, @teude@texans_uk, @Texansfan713@Texas_OutLaw7@TedLavie, @The Gnat, @TheKillerNacho@The LBC@The Orca,@theuntouchable, @TLO@titans0021@Tk3, @Troy Brown@Tugboat, @UofMfan909@Utley@Victor Cruz Pun, @VikeManDan, @Vindicatedxx@Whicker, @wolfeyestrk@Wyld Stallyns

Props to bucsfan333, Pwny, Matts4313 for putting this together/updating it

Simply Mafia by bucsfan333
Walking Dead Mafia by Malfatron
Overwatch Mafia by Danger
Assassins in the Palace: Skyrim Mafia by Dome
Horror Movie Mafia by bcb1213
Yet Another Mafia by bucsfan333
Lumberjack Mafia by Dome
Turkey Takedown Mafia by Dome
Mascot Mafia by bcb1213
A Very Violent Mafia by bucsfan333
Cold Winter Nights Mafia by Dome
Fallout 4 Mafia by Whicker
Speed Mafia: Sword, Shotgun, Zombie by Matts4313
Boondock Saints Mafia by theuntouchable
A Chaotic Mafia by bucsfan333
Blackshore Mafia by Dome
Civilization Mafia by Whicker
The Ben Wade Gang Mafia - Dome
The Massacre at Father Anthony's Chapel Mafia by Dome
WrestleMafia by bcb1213
Teh Mafiaz by bucsfan333
The Siege of Gotham Mafia by Pickle Rick
Bloodshed Mafia by Slappy Mc
McPoyle vs Ponderosa Mafia of the Century by James
Death Rattle Mafia by Malfatron
Three-Legged Race and Lasertag Dance Competition Mafia by Dome
Rick and Morty Mafia by pwny
Hectic Henry's Tree Farm Mafia by Dome
Happy Holidays Mafia by bcb1213
The Bikini Bottom Halloween Spooktacular Mafia by Dome
Dune 2000 Mafia by Matts4313
The Wire Mafia by Whicker
The Burbs Mafia by Dome
Awesome Dudes Mafia by James
The Breakfast Club Mafia by Dome
Merry Bloody Christmas Mafia by Matts4313
The Worst Casino in the West Mafia by Dome
Reservoir Dogs Reboot Mafia by Malfatron
The Ill Mind of SwAg Mafia by SwAg
Trailer Trash Mafia by Dome
Breaking Bad Mafia by Whicker
Mafia Mafia by Dome
It's Always Sunny Mafia by SwAg
V for Vendetta Mafia by The Orca
Gopher's World Mafia by gopherwrestler
Game of Thrones Season 8 Mafia by Matts4313
Criminal Minds Mafia by Dome
Overwatch Mafia 2.0 by Whicker
Marvel Mafia by rackcs
Saloon and House of Maidens Mafia by Dome
Death Note Mafia by Malfatron
Aegon's Conquest Mafia by rackcs
Star Trek: The New Generation Mafia by TheKillerNacho
TV Mafia by bcb1213
Space Jam Mafia by Mwil23
Storm Area 51 Mafia by Matts4313
NFL Mafia by Shady Slim
Star Trek: Deep Space 9 Mafia by TheKillerNacho
South Pole Madness Mafia by Pickle Rick
The Skyrim Amateur Wrestling League Mafia by Dome
Back to School Mafia by rackcs
Plain Ol' Mafia, IRL but on the Internet Mafia by Dome
The Haunting on the Atchafalaya Mafia by Pickle Rick
It Mafia by rackcs
Final Fantasy Tactics Mafia by TheKillerNacho

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21 minutes ago, SwAg said:

Where is SwAg’s a Narcissistic Bad Girl Pirate Mafia?

Oh yeah @rackcs knows this one is in the works too. More of a work in progress than anything right now.

SwAg is a Narcissistic Pirate Mafia 

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