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Make A Movie Game: The First Movies


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To anyone reading this, here are four movies that @Pickle Rick, @Deadpulse / @Malfatron, @The Orca and @MikeT14 made.  You are the audience, so you get to vote for a winner, but also a loser.  Since two groups did not submit movies, those two groups have been eliminated from the competition.

Pickle, Malf, Deadpulse, Orca, Mike... You can promote the movies, but you cannot state which is yours. 

Anyone reading this can vote except for the contestants.  Send me a PM with a rating of each movie from 1-10.  I will tally up the scores and the best movie wins. 

I don't know how to put things in spoiler tags to make them collapsible and at this point I'm not willing to ask, so I will put each movie in a quote. 

Picchu’s Orb


Hiram Bingham – Nicholas Hoult

Dr. George Ryan – John Slattery

General – John Ortiz



In the late 1900s, Hiram Bingham is a young archaeologist and linguist from Hawaii. Ever since he was a young boy, he has been fascinated with Incan, Aztec, and Mayan culture. He is hired to join Dr. George Ryan’s team to travel to Peru to uncover more about the site Macchu Picchu.

While working his way through some findings, Hiram discovers a wall with information on it that he cannot decipher. He spends hours perusing it, trying to figure out its meaning. A breakthrough occurs when he appears to have a partial connection. It appears to be a secret path somewhere. He will need to investigate to see if he can figure out the rest.

Heightened by his adrenaline, and it being in the middle of the night – 2 am by the looks of his pocket watch - Hiram heads out to check his guess. Returning to the wall, he pushes what he believes is a secret combination, and to his surprise, a door opens to his right.

Hiram heads down the stairs, and finds himself at a dead end. He expected this however, because this was as far as he translated. After messing around trying to find the next part, Hiram leans against a brick that pushes in and opens a trap door. Hiram falls down a slide some two stories, thankfully his torch behind him still working miraculously. He grabs his torch and gets his surroundings.

It's a temple beneath everything. It looks like a shrine to a God, or ruler or something. At the end of the path there is a glowing orb. Hiram is attracted to it. He can’t resist anymore and touches the orb. He has a vision – of Macchu Picchu back then, it’s vibrant lifestyle, and then the orb. It appears to have been used as a weapon to create destruction. The city is on fire. Everything around him starts to fade from vibrant colors and he passes out.

When he comes to, he is still in the temple. He can hear faint shouting. The orb is no longer glowing. He stumbles his way back the way he came. He is able to locate his torch and relight it with his flint he brought. The temple actually has stairs to head back up. As he gets to the top he hears gunfire. Scared, he escapes the temple, and up the path around the outside of the woods. He finds a vantage point to see what is going on. There is a small army holding all of his friends hostage. They are asking for Incan Spherule.

Before they are about to execute his friends, Hiram signals to them and shows them the spherule. He runs away. Eventually Hiram is captured and brought to the general. The general takes the spherule from Hiram. He explains the history of the spherule and its origins back to Spain and further back to Hannibal. It holds a great power, whose owner can control the world.

Dr. Ryan, Hiram, and the rest of the crew are taken to the edge of the cliff. They are to be thrown off of it to hide that they were ever there and keep the secret of the spherule to the select few. Before they are about to be thrown, Dr. Ryan tells the group they need to do what they can to stop the general. He then throws himself into a guard creating a distraction and some chaos. A gun falls to Hiram and he is able to shoot the two guards.

The next scenes find Hiram creating traps and other ways to take out the army one by one. Eventually there is the penultimate scene where Hiram defeats the general by using the orb and defeating him and obtains the orb back.

Hiram makes the decision that the power of the orb needs to be hidden forever. He returns the orb to the secret location. He spends his life writing about Macchu Picchu save one detail. We cut to present day with people visiting and the orb still sitting below everyone.




El Templo Suicida




Andy (13): Jacob Tremblay


Andy (35): Ryan Gosling


Avery (13): Kylie Rodgers


Avery (35): Amanda Seyfried


Alex (13): Gabriel Bateman


Alex (35): Logan Lerman


Abbie (13): Reagan Revord


Abbie (35): Emma Watson





Four friends spend their year before entering high school on a trip with classmates to Guatemala in 1998. These four friends are Avery, Abbie, Andy, and Alex. Known as the straight A’s because of their close friendship, pension of being ostracized by their peers due to their intellect, and their names all start with A’s. While researching the trip at the library, Andy stumbled upon an article about an archaeological dig deemed off limits because everyone on the dig disappeared. Their bodies were found on the site 1 week later due to a murder suicide. Locals now call it El Templo Suicida. This intrigued the Straight A’s, a mystery to figure out. They made a plan to break off from the group and sneak in there. 

    Due to a lack of need, El Templo Suicida was unguarded outside of being roped off. No one ever dared go there and it was well secluded. Once there, they could not find anything peculiar about the underground temple. Everything seemed to look like every Mayan tourist attraction. Abbie noticed a stone that was displaced. When she pushed it back into place the door slammed shut and the room they were in began to rotate. Once the floor rotated 180 degrees, the door opened again. They walked out of the room to find it to be the same antechamber that they came from. Perplexed, and weirded out, they decided to leave the temple all together. However they did not expect to find what they did outside.

    Waiting for the Straight A’s was their 35 year old selves. The adult versions of themselves explained that the year was now 2020 and they knew to be there because 22 years ago they were the ones who came out of that temple. The kids were told they would be there for 1 week before dissipating from this time and being returned to that room in the temple in 1998. After some brief discussion, adult Avery starts to realize that the conversation was different than the one they had when they were the kids. The Adults assumed this was a time loop and everything would play out how they remembered. They had a great time learning about their adult selves when they were kids. Upon that realization some of the adults begin to realize that their lives didnt quite turn out exactly how they remembered their version of the adults telling them when they were kids. Quickly the eight of them realized that it wasn’t a time loop at all, but different timelines were being created each time. To their knowledge, this was only the second time the adults and kid versions of themselves have interacted. From there they all decide to make sure to learn and make their kid's lives better than theirs. 

    After this discovery and tips from their adult versions, the kids grow up with a virtual cheat sheet. What schools to go to, what people to meet or stay away from, what stocks to invest in and when. The plan seems to be working. Cut to 22 years later and Andy has it all. The most powerful tech company in a world he holds in his hand. Meanwhile for Avery, Abbie, and Alex things were different than they expected. They didn’t meet the spouses they were destined for. They didnt find the success they were supposed to have. Effectively, their lives seemed to turn out worse rather than better. When the time came to meet the kids, Andy did not show up. The other’s believed he already had the life he wanted, he didnt have an interest in sharing it, even with another version of himself. He had become selfish in that way. 

    The next set of kids come out of the temple wide eyed. However, as soon as they walk out, they are shot dead except for young Andy. Terrified, the adults look around and Andy is there after all, gun in hand. He explains that he figured it out. From the stories they had heard only Abbie really had success and happiness when they were kids. Now it was Andy. The tips will only work for one of them and it would stay with him and only be him. Andy threatens them to run away getting increasingly angry until the others finally do. Avery, however, decides to hide and listen as Andy is left alone with his shell shocked childhood self. Adult Andy consoles his child counterpoint and tells him he needs to accrue power, it is the only thing that will make him happy and the other would just hold him back. He will continue to build on what he has in his timeline but explains that it still isnt enough. He sends child Andy back with a promise that he will be happy as long as he gains more power than the Adult version has.

 Avery has an idea and runs off to find the others. She tells the others to agree to meet back here in 22 years. When Abbie and Alex ask why, Avery says with a smirk, because it’s time to create a new loop. She runs towards the temple and the others follow with Andy having left with his counterpart to teach him what to do. They meet their 52 year old selves. This decision was made 22 years ago, all six know why they are there. Revenge, justice, and just a need to take Andy out of power. They learn all the horrible things Andy will go on to do from that day. They learn his weak points, they learn at what point he is vulnerable. They come up with a plan to create their own company and create new innovations before Andy’s company can. However there is one thing they can’t replicate and must instead destroy; a pharmaceutical that is marketed as the ultimate anti-depressor but in reality is a way to create a state of mind Andy can easily control. 

    Armed with this knowledge, the 3 return to their time and begin creating the resources they will need. It starts to work however things start to get different. Andy is now furious and his timeline has shifted too much. The drug is set to be released years before it should. He feels his power slipping. Abbie, Avery, and Alex scramble to create the counter agent to his drug but they realized it’s changed. Andy’s drug is more potent, more blatant, and their countering agent will no longer work. Desperate, the three decide to break into the factory the drug is being produced in and destroy it. Andy himself is there when the three get caught. Avery has a smirk that Andy notices. She tells him that they’ve seen what this drug does to the world. They have seen what it does to Andy, how unhappy he becomes. He doesn’t believe her, but Avery tells him there is a way to know for sure. 

    Andy brings them all back to the temple. They enter together so Andy can prove that the world is better for him having this power and he is happy. When they emerge from the temple an older Andy is there. Smiling, the adult Andy says you see! Here I am to tell you how wrong you are. The elder Andy then shoots the younger between the eyes. Elder Andy begins to walk away before Alex stops him and demands an explanation. He just looks over to Avery and tells her she was right, the power he got felt empty and lonely. He thought he just needed more power than he had, but he never did find happiness and he set another version of himself on the same path. He explains he has no remorse for what he has done, but he simply wanted to spare his counterpart the pursuit that ultimately was fruitless. 




The Fountain of Youth


Main Cast:

Maika Monroe 
Lili Sepe 
Chelan Simmons 
Kaya Scodelario 
Samara Weaving 
Jake Gyllenhaal 
Chris Hemsworth 
Sam Worthington 



A group of 5 friends (Simmons, Scodelario, Weaving, Gyllenhaal, and Hemsworth) on a trip of a lifetime to the Amazon meet a guide (Worthington) that offers to take them on a week long excursion to see a long forgotten temple deep in the forest.  After trekking for four long days they emerge into a wide open field deep in the Amazon rain forest.  The guide (Worthington) explains to them the oral history of the temple and its people

"Long, long ago, there was a tribe of indigenous people that would gather at this very spot to partake in a ritual they called Bainni.  To perform this ritual they would steal young virgins from rival tribes and send them into the temple to try their virtue.  If the offerings made it out of the temple, the tribe believed the gods had bestowed upon the offerings everlasting life.  And what better way to transfer everlasting life from one vessel to another than to eat them.  It has been speculated that many of the members of the tribe lived to be hundreds of years old and that this very temple is the one and only, Fountain of Youth."

After hearing the history of the temple the group decided to go inside (while their guide, Worthington, waited for them).  Eager and full of curiosity, the group entered the temple one by one until the only virgin of the group reached the threshold.  She pauses quite noticeably before entering.  

Inside it's pitch black with a few beams of light coming through cracks in the ceiling.  The group wanders through the temple.  Hearing what they think is voices, they move towards the sounds.  On their way, one of the group (Scodelario) scrapes her leg against vines (drawing blood) growing on a wall and screams as she falls through a hole in the floor.  The rest of the group can't seem to find the hole in the darkness so they move on towards the voices.  

The group finds 2 women trapped in the darkness. They were murmuring, not actually speaking.  When they tried to free them the  2 women freak out and go crazy.  After calming them down, they manage to free them and try to back track to the entrance but find it difficult because of the darkness and realizing the 2 women cannot speak or see (they do not know why).  Eventually they make it to a section of the temple with more moonlight shining through a larger opening.  They are mortified to see that the 2 women have had their eyes and mouths sewn shut with very crude techniques.  

Meanwhile, the woman separated (Scodelario) feels her way through the darkness, jumping and screaming at every little sound.  The terror is almost too much for her to handle, with every turn the fear and suspense intensifies.  She manages to make her way back up and finds the others. 

Together they all slowly retrace their steps to find the entrance.  As they do, one by one they are killed by various, mysterious things/mishaps from in the dark.  

Only two of them make it alive to the entrance (Scodelario and Sepe). There they look out and see hundreds upon hundreds of natives surrounding the temple.  The silenced woman (Sepe) hearing the voices stopped the other (Scodelario) from going out.  She pulls out a knife and struggled to draw on the ground two arrows, one out and one in.  She made a cut throat symbol and pointed to where she had drawn the out arrow, dropped the knife, and then turned and disappeared back into the dark.  

Scodelario struggled with inner turmoil over the decision.  Ultimately she picked up the knife and headed out.  It was night, but all of the torches lit up the area surrounding the temple.  Scodelario noticed the guide standing next to a very old native woman.  She walked extremely slowly towards them, trying to examine their relationship.  She could tell their guide was with the natives.  

The guide (Worthington) spoke to the gathering natives,

"We have waited a long time and now the gods have provided us sustenance to make it another 50 years.  Tonight we feast!!"

Scodelario walked up to Worthington, crying and in a great amount of fear.  He walked over to her put his hand on her shoulder and whispered into her ear,

"Your sacrifice will not be forgotten, we have been doing this for many generations.  I myself began back in the 1800s when I stumbled upon this glorious land and of course Fountain of Youth".  

Scodelario stops her crying and looks up into his eyes and screams,

"And this is where it will end!!!"  As she stabs the knife into his neck.  

The natives surrounding them rush her as lets out a blood curdling scream and the screen goes black.  





Frozen Temple Hell


Location: Mexico and Antarctica



A group of Professors and students head off into the Lacandon Jungle looking for Mayan ruins. Professor Billsly was leading the group down a long stretch of trees, while a group of his students were following behind looking meticulously for any signs or clues that they were close to a Mayan ruin. After hours and then days in the hot jungle, a male student wandered away from the group. Once word goes around that someone is missing, the group starts to look for the student. The group breaks through a thick tangle of vines and sees an opening in front of them. At the end of the opening stands the student. He is staring blankly at a temple that had been hidden for centuries in the jungle. The group runs over to the student who is basically in a trance now. They try feverishly to wake the student but to no avail. While some students stayed with the afflicted student, the rest along with the Billsly start examining the temple. Following a long search they were unable to ascertain how to get inside. When they return back to the other students, the afflicted student stands up, screams something in a language none of them had ever heard before, and then takes off in a full sprint at what appears to be the area which should contain a door into the temple. Instead of hearing a loud crash the student just vanishes in front of the group's eyes. The group slowly creeps to the door area and one by one walk into it. Each time the person would vanish. Once the last student was through the group re-emerge in a cold icy room. Completely opposite of the environment which they left. It was like they walked through a portal to another part of the world 

Inside the new icy room the group began to hear loud noises. A circle in the floor began to open and a demon like creature slowly emerged. The group frantically looks for a way out. They manage to find a door slightly hidden, covered in ice. Billsly pulled out a machete and chopped feverishly at it. Behind him a different demon like creature appeared and then another and another. After about 10 minutes, 10 demons had appeared in the room. The demons just stand motionless once they had appeared. The screams from the students start to grow once the last demon rose from the floor and nothing was happening. Billsly gets the door open finally and the group frantically runs out of the room. Once the last student crosses the threshold the demons begin to stir. The reality of hell was just beginning.

The group finds what appears to be an ancient temple with hundreds of rooms in front of them. There is a loud noise and they look back just in time to see a demon turn into a ball of fire and lunge at a student. He misses, but then shoots a fire snot ball that takes out the students legs. The demon pounces on him in a flash and the screams of horror from the student while he is devoured can be heard throughout the temple like structure. The rest of the group split up and run for their lives. 

One by one a new demon would stir and leave the base room and begin hunting the group. Every day you could hear and see the cries of the students as they fight for their lives.

After about 10 days searching the rooms and caverns of the ancient temple like structure Billsly and about half the students remained. They had discovered that the portal was some sort of Mayan sacrifice ritual and the only way to get out of the ancient temple was to solve the puzzle back in the portal room where the demons came from. Covered in blood Billsly had gone from room to room avoiding the demons to go figure out as much of the language and puzzle as he could. When they finally get the chance they take off to the portal room to solve the puzzle by moving the flaming pillars in the right order to close the floor and open the temple. 

The demons were closing fast as Billsly gets close, but when he turns the last pillar nothing happens. The demons crash into the room and start tearing the students limb from limb. Billsly starts going crazy and about to give up and let the demons kill him, when the student who first went through the portal to get to this temple, runs and spears a demon, falling into the opening in which they came up from. The whole group is transported to another room, without the demons. Only Billsly and 8 students remain. Here the group is presented with another puzzle and the longer they take to solve it the room gets colder and colder. The students try to help Billsly solve the puzzle, but one by one they start freezing. Billsly solves the puzzle and the group is transported to a 3rd room. Only 4 total people remain.

In the 3rd room the ceiling starts to shrink slowly. Billsly translates the puzzle, but this time all it says is, "Kill someone". Billsly keeps this to himself. After about a day the ground starts filling with water while the ceiling keeps shrinking. The group was pretty much gone. As the water and floor almost comes together Billsly grabs a student and holds them under the water. The rest of the group stares blankly at the professor while he drowns the student. They are unable to muster the strength to stop him. The student floats to the surface with a death stare on his face. The loud noise from before is heard and water begins to drain and then the group is transported to a room with a door. Stunned by what they just saw no one says a word. The group pushes on the door and it slowly opens to a world covered in ice. Either in the arctic or antarctic to their knowledge. The horror was still far from finished


The End, until next time..



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6 minutes ago, rackcs said:

Well teaming up two people with limited time was probably not the best idea. Dome had the idea of doing a horror Legends of the Hidden Temple. Bunch of kids go to this temple for...reasons?...and slowly get picked off. Thought it was a fun idea.

sorry you couldnt be a dream team like @Malfatron and I

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16 minutes ago, rackcs said:

Well teaming up two people with limited time was probably not the best idea. Dome had the idea of doing a horror Legends of the Hidden Temple. Bunch of kids go to this temple for...reasons?...and slowly get picked off. Thought it was a fun idea.

I think I’ll just run this for a while and let anyone who wants to partake partake.  Keep a running tally of the ratings.

Then maybe let someone else take over the host role for a while.

I might start adding some of my own ideas.

For this one I would have done a science horror type with apes using tools and such being discovered in some isolated place near a temple and it would be weird WTF **** starts to happen, everyone thinks they’re the missing link, all excited and then more WTF **** happens and it would be The Ruins like where it’s parasites infecting the apes in an isolated place the parasites can’t get out of and they start infecting the people studying the apes.  Maybe with a cosmic god angle.

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Picchu's Orb

5/10 - not big on the story, and too much happenstance

El Templo Suicida

6/10 - sweet title, great cast, started off cool, ended up being a bit convoluted

The Fountain of Youth

7/10 - awesome cast, solid story, would watch

Frozen Temple Hell

8/10 - lame title but really like the Escape Room-esque story


I'll definitely make time to read these whenever they come up. I'd probably see all of these based off of what I'd expect the trailer to look like.

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Picchu’s Orb - 2/10. This feels like the plot to a Tomb Raider video game I've played. Meh on originality. Would have to be really well done for my interest. And too much bland man in the casting for me.

El Templo Suicida - 4/10. Maybe I'm being too critical, but the multiple time loops can throw me. Groundhog day had a frustration about it for the same reason. Plus again, what's with the bland casting choices?

The Fountain of Youth - 1/10. I mean, the original premise seems ok. But then the natives having literally no role in it. Is this temple horror movie time? Because that's what these all feel like. Maybe y'all shouldn't cast these movies. BLAND upon Bland upon Bland.

The first three were just meh until I read the 4th one... This was the best of the bunch:

Frozen Temple Hell - 8/10. This could be done in a very fun way. Billsley being the villain is pretty cool. And thanks for not even listing a cast.

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